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  1. Impression definition: Your impression of a person or thing is what you think they are like, usually after | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  2. Impression is an internationally awarded creative 
d digital agency based in Harrogate & London specialising in Branding, Creative Website Design & Digital .
  3. First Impressions Human beings are built to size each other up quickly. These first impressions are influenced by a number of factors, such as facial shape, vocal inflection, attractiveness, and.
  4. Impression Fifth Wheels (Dealer Stock Only) The all-new Impression fifth wheel has been designed with high-end luxury features that are built on a full-profile platform with a mid-profile price! Let us make your first impression a lasting one!
  5. Impression: An impression is counted when a Discover card is scrolled into view, either as a standard result or as an embedded carousel. Impressions are assigned to the source page's URL. Only one.
  6. [ im-presh´un] 1. a slight indentation or depression, as one produced in the surface of one organ by pressure exerted by another. 2. a negative imprint of an object made in some plastic material that later solidifies. 3. an effect produced upon the mind, body, or senses by some external stimulus or agent.
  7. An impression is an imprint, either in one’s mind or on an object. To make a good impression on your friend's parents, don't let your muddy boots leave impressions on their perfect white kitchen floor. The noun impression comes from the Latin word imprimere, which means “press into or upon,” or “stamp.”.
  8. the overall/general impression The general impression was of a very efficiently run company. the distinct impression (= used when something seems very clear to you) We were left with the impression that the contract was ours if we wanted it. somebody’s personal impression My personal impression is that the new manager has greatly improved.
  9. Art Impressions is a rubber stamp manufacturer based in Salem, OR since The company began as our sole designer, Bonnie Krebs, created and sold educational stamps at craft fairs around the Northwest. Soon, Bonnie was drawing whimsical images for crafting and her talent has grown over the past 30 years to become one of the major stamp illustrators in the industry today.

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